How to Order

How to order?

You can choose records from the different categories or by using the SEARCH window.

Choose from category
Records are classified into categories. You can easily find the record you want by navigating through them.
If you click HOME on the top of the page to with a mouse, you will move to the top page. Clicking on each category to find out more.
If you go to the the category at the bottom, the list of records will be displayed. Navigate through the names of the artists, titles, or pictures of the records to display detailed information.
Choose from the "SEARCH" window
Input artist, title, label, song name, or some other information into the SEARCH window displayed on the upper left corner of the page, and then click on the [search] button, a list of the records will be displayed.

Add to Shopping Cart

Click on the button [Add to Cart] on the page with record details to put a record into your shopping cart.

A list of the records you have put into your cart is displayed in the shopping cart box at the upper left corner of each page. If you click on [Cart Contents], you can view the contents of your shopping cart.

Confirm Order
Your purchase is not final until you go through the purchase procedure. Keep in mind that the records may go out of stock or that the price may change if a product stays in the shopping cart for a long time.
Remove items from your Cart
[REMOVE] is displayed on the left of the items in your cart. Check it and click [UPDATE] to remove an item.
Change of the Quantity of Orders
To purchase two or more copies of the same record (although for used records there is only one copy usually), input the number of orders into the [QTY] box of the Records in a cart, and click on the [UPDATE] button.

Sending your order

To order the records added to the shopping cart, click on [Check out] at the upper right corner of the page.
Then you need to log-in with your registered e-mail address and password. If you are a first time buyer, you will need to register first.
Instructions on how to purchase a product.

Check of the delivery method
On the "Delivery Information" page, please choose the delivery method and check the delivery charge.
You can change the delivery address by clicking on the [CHANGE ADDRESS] button. Please click the [Continue] button, when you are finished.
Check the method of payment
The payment method can be chosen from the "Payment Information" page.
Click [continue] when you are ready.
Order Confirmation
On the "Order Confirmation" page, you can review the order contents, the payment amount, the delivery address, and the payment method. After reviewing the information, click on the [Confirm Order] button. The order is transmitted to FACE RECORDS and the procedure is completed. We will send you a summary of your order by email.
If you want to change your order, click on (EDIT).

When you finish ordering, you will see the "Order Confirm" page.

Please understand that in principle we cannot accept returns or exchange of products. However, if you are not satisfied with the condition of your purchased product, find defects or cannot play a record, please contact us within 7days after the arrival of your order (a receipt or INVOICE is required). Not that we cannot accept any return or exchange of products without any contact, since we pay the return postage money in case of a valid return.

Although we put emphasis on the description of our products' description, we cannot perform a sound check of all records and some small discrepancies are possible. You can be sure that we do our utmost to offer you good and accurately described products.