2021LUCKY BAG(\11,000)
2021LUCKY BAG(\11,000) 在庫切れ
 [Other] CODE: 30009008-1000

A lucky bag full of great deals, packed with imported yarn sold in limited quantities and that nostalgic yarn that is hard to find at the store!
In addition to yarn, knitting books and needles are also included!

Contents vary depending on the bag (not selectable)
Products, colors and bonuses are different.
Please add it to your cart, hoping that you will win a good one.

Limited to 30!

It's popular every year and sells out in a few minutes, so order early! (It will end as soon as the stock runs out)

Preparations will begin on January 4, the first day of the product center.
It may take some time to deliver, but please look forward to it!

* We will deliver it after confirming payment with PayPal, so please complete the payment procedure after ordering.

* Thank you for being sold out! (The lucky bag is no longer sold because it is sold out)

1000 POINT
Added On: 01/01/2021
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