(Tokai)penguin pullover Kit
(Tokai)penguin pullover Kit 
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Design: erika toukai
Hand-knit kit

[Message from Erika Tokai]
A penguin is woven with silky cotton thread.
You can wear it for a long period of time by layering it or wearing it alone.
It is easy to loosen the stitches when intersecting the warp threads of the summer yarn, so try to pull it a little tighter.
(Use sequins for a cool accent.)

Material: 100% cotton
Needle used:Stick Needles No.4 No. 3
Size: Chest circumference 106 cm, Length 57 cm

* Thread balls are made into small rolls depending on the number of g used.

* Limited quantity of products 

Added On: 05/10/2023
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