European Hand Knitting 2016 Autumn / Winter 
 [Books] CODE: 30641311-2016

"Enjoy your own style with high-quality, sophisticated knits." Using popular materials from this fall/winter, this is a collection of simple and elegant refined knit garments that trendsetters will be sure to want to knit and wear. Lots of hand-knit garments enlivened with textures.
Focusing on outerwear such as soft and comfortable long cardigans, vests, and sweaters with a relaxed silhouette, while also offering up convenient small items such as shawls and hats in different colors for the winter. The new item displayed on the front this time is a "Pinacoteca" simple cardigan. (All items published use Happy yarn) Publisher: Nihon Vogue-Sha Co., Ltd.

Added On: 07/21/2016
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