KAnGA 廃色
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Kanga is a fabric that is native to Eastern Africa, including places such as Tanzania and Kenya. The expanse of African colors seen in hot seasons are one of the main things associated with Kanga. It is finished into dry-touch yarn perfect for spring and summer using the luster of rayon suited to expressing colorful hues, and the stretch of the linen used as a thread base. This is a medium-fine lily yarn that you can knit with an irregular long pitch gradient dye that is fun with each stitch.

Material  54% ramie
 46% rayon
Weight 25 g
Length 100 m
Yarn Weight Baby, Sport
Stick Needle 3〜5
Crochet Needle 4/0〜5/0
Gauge  26-27
Knitting Weight(g)
(Woman / Man)
Added On: 01/13/2015
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